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As Qantom, under its new brand name of    is gearing up to becoming an IOT Centre of Excellence, I would like to take some time to talk a little bit about our journey so far and how this will help us in the field of IOT. As a quick synopsis, the technologies that I have been working on over the past 17 years, both in and before Qantom, make up a large part of the technologies that go into IOT.

It’s been a little over thirteen years since I relocated back to India and started Qantom. The journey for Qantom during these thirteen years has been an interesting and challenging one with days of triumph, tribulations and not to mention the mundane days of smooth coasting. All in all, it is a journey that has given me an overall joy and has laid the foundation for what I believe, a glorious future for Qantom. At the risk of being repetitive, I will recap a bit of what’s already in the nostalgia section of our web pages to highlight our achievements and the plans I have for Qantom's future.

When I founded Qantom, my main goal was to create a company that would be doing valuable work. I didn’t want Qantom to be one of the many ‘headcount’ companies that were merely offering some variant of body shopping service without providing much value addition. And when I look back up on the journey that we had as a company, I can proudly proclaim that we have lived up to every bit of that goal. At this moment, I would like step out a bit to thank each one of my associates who made this possible - oh! what a team! And what touches me the most is that their handwork and dedication has paid off and they are doing very well for themselves. Coming back to Qantom, we were entrusted the complete SQA responsibilities by all our clients. We were not just providing low cost resources for the clients or executing some tests for them. We WERE the SQA team - be it the design of test cases, planning the tests or going all the way upto automating tests. During the years, we added a few proud feathers to our caps like the creation of WET, an automated web testing tool, building of a SIP protocol testing framework, creating XpressTest - a framework written in embedded Java that automated the testing of Phones and a few more. Thanks to our close ties with the open source world, we proudly boasted in-house server installations of a host of software that were typically the privileged possession of large software companies - even in the days when cloud services didn’t exist as packaged offerings.

Imagine an ECG that's running all flat!. Qantom too had to face its days of trials. The area of Unified Communications itself started getting into a stressed state and as a result, our main clients started getting into financial difficulties and were thus forced to terminate the contract with us. We now thought that we wanted to become the masters of our own destiny and ventured into the space of product development for the small business segment. We created EsugamAssist, a tool that helped automate a day-to-day problem that Indian businesses had. While the product came up well, the timing didn’t. By the time we were ready to market the product, GST was on its way and people were weary to invest time and money on any new tool. As per the initial plans of the Government, GST should have been rolled out quite some time back. And if this had happened, it would have been in perfect harmony with Qantom’s release of the EsugamAssist tool. We would have released a GST ready variant and voila - all would have been great! But the GST rollout was delayed repeatedly and I was now left with a difficult choice - to choose the path forward for Qantom. Either continue to wait for the GST roll out or look elsewhere. Choosing the former would have meant a burn of money and waiting for an absolution that was at the mercy of the policy planners. And so I choose to let go of this path and took a sabbatical. I got fully involved in the building of our new office, which is what I have been busy with for the last 18 months. Our new office is ready and we have started re-configuring our systems and other infrastructure. In a short while we will be ready with an infrastructure that is IOT ready. It's not just the equipment and infrastructure, but also the various technologies that we worked on, that makes IOT as the next logical step forward for Qantom. Be it the protocols like SIP, XMPP, RTSP, etc., or the technology that embeded devices, gateways and other entities used to communicate between themselves, or the fact that we have been working with code that used the power of web computing even before the term cloud computing became so ubiquitous. All these are the perfect recipe for creating a company that specialises in IOT.   , which is the proposed brandname for Qantom’s IOT  Venture will be working on various IOT related services which includes Projects, Products, Training, and related services.

With the relevant experience and the infrastructure in place, I am now venturing out to make Qantom to become an ‘IOT Centre of Excellence’. Qantom is in this rare situation where it has to make a fresh beginning just like a Startup, while at the same time it has years of experience, the capital infrastructure, and wisdom of an established company. We now have a re-Startup company that has the best of both worlds!

Raghu Venkataramana
14th November 2017

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